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Our Smart Fill Valve technology advances functional use, service/repair, and operation with a common sense approach for the global toilet industry.

This Toilet Fill Valve Technology is the “Next Generation” of advancements in toilet components. The evolution of the toilet fill valve has seen little to no improvements over the last 60 years. Some consider a restricted outlet flow as advancement however; the same method of installation, operation, servicing/repair and replacement has remained unchanged.

  1. What is a Smart Fill Valve and its benefits?
    The function of a toilet fill valve is to refill the tank after it has been flushed. The Smart Fill Valve prevents leaking over time and offers a new and better solution to install, remove or replace toilet fill valves inside a toilet tank.
  2. What is a Universal Valve Adaptor?
    The innovative Universal Valve Adaptor incorporates an additional active flow valve allowing water to either flow through or be shut off when a fill valve is being installed or removed. The flow valve plunger seals against an internal seat preventing water from leaking into the toilet tank. Once the fill valve is installed the plunger unseats allowing water flow to fill the toilet tank.
  3. What are the benefits of the Universal Valve Adaptor?
    The Universal Valve Adaptor is a one time in-tank connection and has a simple fill valve installation process. It is flex-hose compatible (best) and contains a convenient Internal Shut-Off Valve. The Universal Valve Adaptor’s key feature includes an advanced Twist-Remove-Hold (TRH) technology to rapidly disengage the fill valve. In the event of an emergency or a fill valve failure, the Twist-Remove-Hold procedure will stop the supply water flow and hold pressure.
  4. How does the Universal Valve Adaptor work?
    The Universal Valve Adaptor allows for easy servicing and fastening of alternate fill valves or other devices such as a garden hose adaptor or for other uses. The Universal Valve Adaptor mounts though the hole in a toilet tank base and seals with a non-hygroscopic gasket. The external water supply line is connected in the normal conventional manner. Once installed the fill valve can be easily inserted into the body of the fitting and fastened by quarter turning until stopped and locked in position.
  5. What is the recommended maximum operating pressure?
    The maximum operating pressure should not exceed 200 PSI, a safety factor of 2.5 times. Most homes do not exceed 50 PSI.
  6. What is an Isopiestic Seal?
    The Isopiestic Seal dampens vibration and fill valve movements from water pressure shocks or toilet rocking. Locking Detents prevent fill valve nut loosening and backing off due to fill valve movement. An Isopiestic Seal provides dual action sealing pressure for both the internal and bottom seal by equalizing seal pressure initially and over time as the seals set. This is a secondary sealing action providing a water tight solution.
  7. Why do I need the Isopiestic Seal?
    Standard toilets need a seal against the bottom of the toilet tank to prevent water leaking. Standard seals are ineffective against leaking long-term. Daily toilet usage leads to toilet rocking and other movements that loosen standard seals over time. The Isopiestic Seal is a revolutionary high-tech seal that contains Locking Detents that prevent the fill valve nut from loosening and backing off due to fill valve movement. No Loosening, no slipping, no moving, no leaking.
  8. How do you secure the Isopiestic Seal in place?
    To secure and lock the Isopiestic Seal in place just firmly hand tighten the nut to engage locking detents of the Isopiestic Seal against the bottom of the toilet tank.
  9. Is the Smart Fill Valve compatible with all toilets?
    Yes, the Smart Fill Valve is compatible with all major toilet brands worldwide. It easily replaces standard use valves and uses an anti-siphon fill valve design.
  10. Does the Smart Fill Valve come in both Single and Dual Flush systems?
    Yes, the Smart Fill comes in both single and dual flush systems.
  11. What size is the Smart Fill Valve and is it adjustable?
    Yes, the Smart Fill Valve is adjustable to the following standard dimensions:
                    Range 9  7/8” -13 3/4″ Overall
                    Water level from 6  1/2″ – 11  1/2″
                    Float Line Adjustment 1  1/2″
  12. Do I need a plumber to install or replace the Smart Fill Valve?
    No, you do not need a plumber. It is designed to be user-friendly and is easily installed or replaced whether you are experienced or not. Our website (com) has easy to follow step by step installation and replacement videos as well as detailed instructions with pictures. Our product packaging contains QR codes that you can easily scan to access all our product instructions and specifications.
  13. What does the full assembly include?
    The Smart Fill Valve Complete Assembly includes the valve, universal valve adaptor, isopiestic seal, nut, and refill hose.
  14. Do you only sell the full assembly or can you purchase parts separately?
    Yes, you can purchase parts separately. We sell the following parts separately:
  • Replacement Valve (without Universal Valve Adaptor)
  • Isopiestic Seal (includes 1 nut and 1 seal)
  • Universal Valve Adaptor ((includes 1 nut and 1 isopiestic seal)
  1. Is it necessary to shut the water off to install the Smart Fill Valve?
    Yes, it is necessary to shut the water off to install the Smart Fill Valve but ONLY at the base of the toilet. It does not have to be shut off outside of or beyond the toilet itself.
  2. Is it necessary to shut the water off when replacing an already existing Smart Fill Valve?
    No, it is not necessary to shut the water off to replace an already existing Smart Fill Valve. Our product design focuses on the customer’s application for a long term solution that features an internal valve as a secondary shut-off for added convenience during replacement.




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