Smart Fill Valve Complete Assembly (Single Flush)


Also Available for Dual Flush Systems. Visit the Shop.

  • Includes complete assembly with Valve, Adapter & Isopiestic Seal.
  • Click here for all product details and installation information.

*We offer bulk discounts. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing larger quantities.


Our Smart Fill Valve product design focuses on the customer’s application and need for a long term solution that features an internal valve as a secondary shut-off for added convenience during replacement.

Smart Fill Valve Complete Assembly

  • Replaces Standard Use Valves
  • Anti Siphon Fill Valve Design
  • Full 3 Year Parts Warranty

Universal Valve Adapter

  • One-Time in Tank Connection
  • Simple Install Fill Valve
  • Flex Hose Compatible
  • Internal Shut-Off Valve

Hi-Tech Isopiestic Sealing

  • Balanced Seal Pressure
  • Watertight Solution
  • Vibration Damping Connection

Additional information

Weight11.5 oz
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