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Introducing a Universal Valve Complete Assembly for Dual and Single Flush Systems that offers a better solution to install, remove or replace toilet fill valves inside a toilet tank.

About Smart Fill Valve

Advanced Toilet Fill Valve Technology
Introducing the Smart Fill Valve

Smart Fill Valve is introducing a Universal Fill Valve that offers a better solution to install, remove or replace toilet fill valves inside a toilet tank. Our technology prevents toilet leaking long-term and eliminates the need to shut off your water to repair or replace your toilet fill valve once installed. It’s easy to install and replace and takes no time at all.

Our product design focuses on the customer’s application and need for a long term solution that features an internal valve as a secondary shut-off for added convenience during replacement.

We are your best source for a technical advancement in fluid flow connections and being the core for time saving solutions. 


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Advanced Valve Technology

The Smart Fill Valve Complete Assembly includes the valve, universal valve adaptor, isopiestic seal, nut, and hose. The innovative Universal Valve Adaptor incorporates an additional active flow valve allowing water to either flow though or be shut off when a fill valve is being installed or removed. The flow valve plunger seals against an internal seat preventing water from leaking into the toilet tank. Once the fill valve is installed the plunger unseats allowing water flow to fill the toilet tank. Maximum operating pressure is 200 PSI with flow rate up to 3 GPM.

Key feature includes an advanced Twist-Remove-Hold (TRH) technology to rapidly disengage the fill valve. In the event of an emergency or a fill valve failure, the Twist-Remove-Hold procedure will stop the supply water flow and hold pressure.

Maximum operating pressure not to exceed 200 PSI a safety factor of 2.5 times. Most homes do not exceed 50 PSI.

Always shut-off the water supply line before fill valve removal and replacement. Common plumbing practices always focus on Safety.  Whenever working on or servicing a plumbing system exercise caution and follow safe protocols including wearing Safety Glasses.




The Smart Fill Valve complete assembly also includes our Hi-Tech Fill Valve Seal (Isopiestic Seal). An Isopiestic Seal provides dual action sealing pressure for both the internal and bottom seal by equalizing seal pressure initially and over time as the seals set. This is a secondary sealing action providing a water tight solution.

Isopiestic Sealing dampens vibration and fill valve movements from water pressure shocks or toilet rocking. Locking Detents prevent  fill valve nut loosening and backing off due to fill valve movement. Engage Locking Detents by firmly hand tightening the fill valve nut.

Isopiestic Seal is easy to install. To secure and lock the seal in place just firmly hand tighten the nut to engage locking detents of the Isopiestic Seal against the bottom of the toilet tank, as shown below.

Common Sense Technology

Smart Fill Valve is a proactive technology using common sense approaches to solve problems facing many industries. This involves creative or innovative solutions to improve the way we live and interact with products which we use on a daily basis. Being a forward-looking technology, we strive to maintain and fully understand customer needs for quality products and services.

Our people are dedicated to provide the best quality of workmanship for you.

We have experience and knowledge directly related to plumbing needs within the industry, this involves both fluid filtration and high volume water flow systems. As a result, we have been interested in providing common sense solutions to large and small components attaching and sealing for long term usage.

 “NEX-GEN” approach   ……   Early-on, we recognize certain traits which people have become accustom too, such as “It’s not broken, don’t Fix it”   …..   Until it breaks, then they say there must be a better way.  This is why the “NEX-GEN” approach works.

Here’s the reason; Toilet fill valves fail, Period. What can be done to make the repair or replacement process as simple as changing a light bulb.  ……  The light bulbs have a universal socket fitting which fits most sizes of light bulbs. Why not fill valves? Until now, fill valves only shared the thread size but not a universal socket or fitting, we have the solution for you a “Universal Valve Adaptor”.

Your only source for the Smart Fill Valve that's revolutionizing the way to install, remove and replace toilet fill valves.